Fighting men of the land, the sea and the air.
Blackshirts of the Revolution and the Legions.
Men and women of Italy, of the Empire, and of the Kingdom of Albania!

An hour marked by destiny is striking in the sky of our country; the hour of irrevocable decisions. The declaration of war has already been delivered to the ambassadors of Great Britain and France.

We are entering the lists against the plutocratic and reactionary democracies of the West, who have always hindered the advance and often plotted against the very existence of the Italian people. Recent historical events can be summarized in the following phrases: promises, threats, blackmail, and finally to crown the edifice, the ignoble siége by the fifty-two states of the League of Nations. Our consience is absolutely tranquil.

With you the entire world is witness that Fascist Italy has done all that is humanly possible to avoid the torment, which is throwing Europe into turmoil; but all was in vain. It would have sufficed to revise the treaties to bring them up to date with the changing needs of the life of nations and not consider them untouchable for eternity; it would have sufficed not to have begun the stupid policy of guarantees, which has shown itself particularly lethal for those who accepted them; it would have sufficed not to reject the proposal that the Führer made on 6 October of last year after having finished the campaign in Poland. But now all of that belongs to the past.

If now today we have decided to face the risks and the sacrifices of a war, it is because the honour, the interests and the future impose an iron necessity, since a great people is truly such if it considers sacred its own duties and noes not evade the supreme trials, which determine the course of the history. We take up arms to resolve, after having resolved the problem of our land frontier, the problem of our maritime frontiers. Today we want to break the territorial and military chains that are strangling us in our own sea, since a people of forty-five million souls is not truly free if it does not have free access to the Ocean.

This gigantic struggle is nothing other than a phase in the logical development of our revolution; it is the struggle of peoples that are poor but rich in workers against the exploiters, who hold on ferociously to the monopoly of all the riches and all the gold of the earth; it is the struggle of the fertile and young people against the sterile people moving to the sunset; it is the struggle between two centuries and two ideas.

Now that the dice are thrown and our will has burnt our ships at aour backs, I solemnly declare that Italy does not intend to drag into the conflict other peoples bordering her on land or on sea. Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Egypt take note of these my words, and it depends on them and only on them whether or not they will be rigorously confirmed.

At a memorable meeting in Berlin I said that, according to the laws of Fascist morality, when one has a friend, one goes with him to the very end. We have done this and will do this with Germany, with her people and with her victorious Armed Forces.

On this eve of an event of century-wide scope, we direct our thoughts to the majesty of the King and Emperor, which as always has understood the soul of the fatherland. And we salute with our voices the Führer, the head of great allied Germany.

Proletarian and Fascist Italy is for the third time on her feet, strong, proud, and united as never before. The single and categoric watchword is binding on us all. Already it is flying through the air and kindling hearts from the Alps to the Indian Ocean: conquer! And we will give finally a long period of peace with justice to Italy, to Europe and to the world.

People of Italy!
To the arms! Show your courage, your tenacity and your worth!